Which Tomato Variety Fits Your Personality?

Have you ever taken a Personality Test? It’s insightful and fun! Personality typing is useful in hiring, relationships, and even… gardening? Once you know your four-letter type, we can take it to a whole new level: tomatoes. Here are some common personality types and correlating tomato varieties. Of course, you may find that opposites attract, so don’t be surprised if your tomato personality isn’t the one you most enjoy. Remember, there are no good or bad personalities, so hopefully we can appreciate our differences; summer would be a very boring season if all tomatoes were the same!

ISTP: You are practical and action-oriented. You like immediate application and short-term results. Red Cherry Large are your go-to tomato.


ESTJ: You’re a fan of order, tradition and practicality. A Big Beef or Beefmaster is your type of tomato. You probably lean toward a traditional tomato that produces big results and being the take charge type of person that you are, you don’t need much help to harvest these big beauties.


ENTJ: This type tends to be thick skinned, loyal and visionaries. You’re a paste/plum tomato kind of person. You can see the sauce in your future. You’ll make it, freeze it and in mid-January enjoy it over a warm bowl of pasta with the family!

plum tomatoes

ESTP: Practical and fun-loving, you have the skills to care for your tomato plant but you want it be a little “out there”. A stripey Green Zebra will do the trick.

green zebra

ISTJ: Your motto is “just do it”! You like things tidy, organized and structured. No tomato is better for you than a sweet, contained patio tomato. Just put it in a pot and let it do it’s thing.

buchanans tomato_patio

ESFP: “YOLO” is your hashtag. Spontaneous and easily bored, you will try anything. If something doesn’t work (or grow), you are practical enough to understand why it didn’t and if you can’t fix it, you will move on. Bring on the Japanese Black Trifele or Cherokee Purple or Lemon Boy. You have no shortage of optimism.



So, how’d we do? If your type isn’t listed, what do you propose for your tomato variety match?




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