WHAT’S YOUR TYPE? (When it Comes to Your Garden)


photo 3     There are so many personality tests out there…On social media (Which “Wizard of Oz” Character Are You?), in magazines (What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality!), and in your email junk folder… but when you look at your gardening style, this one could be the most accurate personality test of all!  

Long Term Investor vs. Instant Gratification:

Long Term Investor – You tend to lean toward evergreens, perennials, groundcover. You know the payoff of investing in shrubs that will one day provide you with some privacy from THAT neighbor.

Instant Gratification – Combo pots, annuals that bloom constantly all summer long, and tomato plants that already have ripening tomatoes on the vine call your name.


Flashy/Playful vs. Traditional/Conservative

Flashy/Playful – You love hibiscus, sunflowers and unusual plants like papyrus and fuschia.


Traditional/Conservative – Pansies in early spring, geraniums in hanging baskets, hostas in the shady backyard, and of course, rosebushes in the front and clematis on the mailbox.


Overachiever/Type A vs. Just Go With It:

Overachiever/Type A:  It all starts for you in February.  Seed catalogs arrive, order sent, growlights are shipped, thanks to Amazon Prime and your sunroom is turned into a greenhouse.  You are a helicopter gardener, skipping summer vacations because you need to tend to your garden – daily.

Just Go With It: “Que Cera-Cera” is your theme song. Easy peasy and low maintenance is your style. You’ve never met a weed, but your yard features a variety of “native plants” and “wildflowers.” You may have even mulched your entire backyard.

photo 2


Best of Intentions But Distracted (ADHD) vs. Tunnel Vision (OCD):

Best of Intentions But Distracted – You start those seeds, but end up buying seedling. You planted raspberries but never got around to supporting them.  Let’s not even talk about the small pond kit that you started but didn’t read the directions.


Tunnel Vision – You know your zone, you have a plan that you’ve drafted on graph paper or on a website.  You know exactly what you want and the plan WILL be followed.


No matter your type, come see us at the Corner Market and we can help you fill holes, fix your mistakes or follow your plans!

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