IMG_9022Here it is! Tomato season!  A season that is so anticipated, and shorter than the holiday season in this area. This season comes but once a year, and unlike Christmas in July sales, you can not recreate tomato season at any other time of year.

Every one of us has our own favorite variety, shape, size and color of tomato.  In addition,  there are the favorite recipes…So specific. So personal.   It’s summertime discussion amongst friends, neighbors and colleagues.  Tomato sauce, tomato salad, salsa or pie, you name it!  We all have our “go to”, “gotta have” way to enjoy our in-season tomatoes. There is no right or wrong way during tomato season and we shouldn’t judge.   Again, it’s a personal choice.  (Still trying to not judge my mom for putting half a tomato in the freezer.)

With that in mind, I decided to go to the boss, the owner and founder of Cox Farms, Eric Cox. The master and commander of the tomato sandwich!  He was willing to divulge his super secret recipe.  A dream assignment if ever there was one!

My “lunch date” with Eric was spontaneous and delightful.  A loaf of soft multigrain bread, a  plate, a cutting board, a tomato knife to die for, salt, pepper and mayo.  It has to be mayo. Oh, and the juiciest, ripest tomato around, sliced thick. I snapped away with my camera,  but I was all ears the entire time!

IMG_9006“Don’t toast the bread.”  “Don’t go light on the salt.”   “Really meant to be eaten over the sink.”

Any recipe with a tomato in peak season is worth a go.  However, on this day it was just about simplicity.  In all honesty, I went to the store afterwards, bought the same bread, a jar of mayo and, along with my tomatoes from the Corner Market, devoured 4 open-faced tomato sandwiches in 3 1/2 days.  It’s all about the in season tomatoes…and the salt.

Here is the recipe for Eric Cox’s Summertime Tomato Sandwich:

1 slice of soft bread, cut in half, untoasted

1 super juicy tomato, sliced thick

Real mayonnaise

Salt and pepper

Spread mayo on the bread.  Add tomato slices and sprinkle with salt and pepper, more salt than pepper.  Lean over the sink, take a bite, and then another and another.  Enjoy! IMG_9018IMG_9014

What is the one tomato recipe that you call your favorite?  Please share it with is!

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