There’s An App For That: Our Favorite Gardening Apps!

Let’s face it, the days of getting advice from books, magazines and newspapers has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Smartphones and tablets run our lives whether we want to admit it or not. That said, why not let your phone help with your garden?

Just one search of “vegetable gardening” in the app store will give you 72 results. Who has time to look into all those?  Here are a few of my favorites and they all cost under $2.00 because I won’t spend more than $1.99 on an app!

Companion Planting Free on iTunes

Some vegetables do much better when planted alongside certain others, and some veggies will bring out the worst in others, just like people! This app is very easy to use and full of helpful info.  Enter the veggie in the search bar and the app will tell what to plant with it and what to avoid.  Simple, quick and free.


Gardening Toolkit $1.99 on iTunes

I thought this was silly at first. Why not just take a photo with your phone or any camera, take notes and keep a journal of what you planted, where you planted it and how it did? I’ll tell you why: Let’s say you snap a photo with your smartphone. Then you edit it, then you go to some other app to upload the photo so you can label, identify and enter notes. Not in the real world! Your phone rings, a text arrives, etc. It could be hours, if not days before you ever got back to the notes on that seedling. What was it, when and where did it go in the ground? That’s why Gardening Toolkit is a top pick. It’s a one stop app. Photo taken, notes written and I’m out.

Tomatomania -Free on iTunes!/id426634724?mt=8

For the tomatomanic in all of us! Who knew there are so many types of tomatoes?  This app is very easy to use.  Gives you the scoop on over 200 varieties of tomatoes.  A lot of their info is California based, so it’s not always relevant to the Novasphere during the winter.  I delete it and add it back on to my phone every March – it gives me hope that tomato growing season is not that far off.


 Garden Compass – Free on iTunes

It did not take long to become addicted to this app!  So many great features!  It can identify plants and flowers for you from a photo, as well as pests and diseases.  There are highlighted products that you can purchase and have delivered but my favorite feature of this app is the Design Center!  This is how it works:  You take a photo of a plant or flower, a color swatch, a texture, anything and it gives you multiple results of complementary plants and flowers to use with it!  For instance, I took a photo of my favorite piece of “lawn jewelry”, a flying pig made of scrap metal, and Garden Compass’s Design Center showed me a slew of plants that work with the pig and where you can get them!  It’s so much fun!

photo (3) photo (1)

These are just a few to get you started, if you have a gardening app that you love, do share!

One thought on “There’s An App For That: Our Favorite Gardening Apps!

  1. Awesome! Where’s the Cox Farms app though?! Maps, menus, and a Rope Swing-meets-Cut the Rope game?