The Brown Family Visits the Fall Festival

-By Devin Kammerdeiner, a Cox Farms Farmhand

People from all over come out to Cox Farms every week to experience some of the best fun in the area. Sometimes, however, people don’t have to make a long haul to get to some of the best entertainment Virginia has to offer.
The Brown family came from Fairfax to have a good time down on the farm. Much like many families that come to Cox Farms, they try to make it a family trip every year. The Browns all agree that one of the best things to come for is the slides, and who can blame them with amazing slides like the Dino Slide and Castle Slide?  The Castle Slide just so happens to e Miranda’s favorite (one of the Brown’s daughters)!

When asked what job he would want on the farm, oldest son Parker enthusiastically claimed he would love being an alien… as is the dream of many a young lad who visits. The pig pen was definitely the favorite of young Jane, and who can resist the cute faces of those little pigs! With fun like this to be had there’s no time to waste, come on down to the farm.

Check out some of the cute animals at the Fall Festival. 

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