We’re Having a Heatwave!

2016-07-06 14.15.30When the “feels like” temperature reaches above 90 or 100, like it has this week, we urge our employees to drink plenty of water and we supply them with free popsicles to keep them cool. We also make sure that our animals get the same treatment. Animal popsicles and fans to the rescue! They all get the royal treatment! Animals can become stressed in extreme heat and they don’t all have sweat glands like we do. Freezing their favorite snacks in water not only keeps them entertained, it also keeps them hydrated. The chickens and rabbits love herbs and fruit combinations and the angora goats thoroughly enjoy cabbage and peach popsicles.

IMG_2517 Our sheep really appreciate their industrial-size fan that gives them a breeze on a sweltering day. And there’s nothing better than a cool foot bath as far as Equinox, our alpaca, is considered!


Check out our chickens discovering their first popsicle! The first chicken just jumps right on it while the others are a little more tentative but in the end, they loved their frozen snack: Chickens and Popsicles

Stay cool out there, it’s going to be another hot week!

How We Spent Our Winter Vacation

Originally planned as a blog to let you know what we at Cox Farms do during those long winter months, we decided that it would be more enjoyable if the animals told you how they spent their winter instead!

The Winter of Our Discontent

IMG_0914 (2)

Did you miss us? It’s been a long winter for all of us, so we thought you’d like to know how we’ve been changing, growing, enduring and entertaining ourselves. This winter seemed to never want to end but “hope springs eternal” in April!

We participated in “No Shave November”.



We kept guard.



We waddled and roamed.



We found ourselves in embarrassing situations.

bucket goat


We put on a few pounds. Hey, who didn’t?



We flirted and unfurled our feathers in the sun.



We welcomed a new friend, Sammy, a shepherd mix puppy, who gets to sleep in the house.



Oh – and we had a baby!  Meet Hoppy, our new lamb, who was born a few weeks ago!

IMG_1675 (2)

Now that spring has officially sprung, we are getting ready to make our annual trek to the corner where we can get some extra human attention and interaction.  The Corner Market opens on April 10th and we sure hope that you will come visit all of us and often!

For Corner Market hours, visit our website: http://www.coxfarms.com/corner-market/spring.aspx