So Many Andrews: Let’s Do the Numbers, Fall Festival Edition

Pumpkins From Our Patch @CoxFarmsCrunching numbers – we all know those people who have a knack for it, even enjoy it. Me, not so much, but even I enjoy fun facts and trivial stats, just for kicks. It’s like when the tour guide tells you that the Washington Monument sinks 1/4 inch every 30 years and 20 years later, you still remember it.

Here at Cox Farms, especially at Fall Festival time, we’re asked a lot of great questions. Our most frequently asked questions- about the animals, the acreage of the farm, the history of farm, etc.- can be found in our handy FAQ section or on our “History” page. For today, though, we thought we’d give you a roundup of some Fall Festival fun facts that aren’t found anywhere else!


  • Speaking of the Washington Monument, did you know that if you laid down all of our slides, flat on the ground, they’d be the length of 3 Washington Monuments?


  • When it comes to pumpkins, including free patch pumpkins and the pumpkins in the Market, it’s approximately 800,000 pounds that we have available each fall.148163_10150090253039810_2851800_n
  • IMG_9955Straw bales are everywhere on the farm during Fall Festival.  Straw is different from hay.  Hay is fed to certain animals, straw is what you sit on when you take a hayride, and the straw bales act as your bumpers on the slides.  Almost 3,000 bales are brought in every fall.  Educational fact: Straw is hollow, like a drinking straw and golden in color.  Hay has a green-beige tint to it and has seeds inside of it.


  • Who doesn’t love the free apple cider on a fall day?  Better yet, taking some home from the Market?  It takes a lot of apples to produce 7000 gallons of apple cider for the Fall Festival!IMG_9958
  • Employees: It takes a great staff to run the Fall Festival, and we think ours is the best!  Our team includes over 420 “Cox Farmers” on staff to ensure you have a one of a kind experience when you come to visit.  We thought it would be fun to run a tally of some of the most popular names on the staff, or derivatives thereof… so without further ado, we present to you…

Top Cox Farmer Names of 2013:

  • Andrew (7)
  • Ryan (6)
  • Matthew (6), with 4 of those having the same last initial!
  • Jennifer (5), plus a Jenna
  • Jessica (5)
  • Nick (5), plus a Nicole and a Nikki
  • Samantha (4), along with 2 Sams and a Samuel
  • Sharon (4), plus a Shana, a Shane and a Shea
  • Christopher (4), Chris (4), a Christi, a Christine, a Christina, and 2 Cristinas
  • Mary (3), along with 2 Marissas, plus one Mary Alice, Mari, Maria, Marie, and a Mariah
  • Natalie (3)
  • Jack (1), 2 Jackies, 2 Jacobs, 1 Jacqueline, and 2 Jakes
  • Connor (3), and 1 Connie
  • Megan (3), 1 Meghan and 2 Megs
  • Kyle (4)
  • Lisa (5)
  • Ben (4)
  • Amy (4)
  • Alexandra (3), plus 2 Alexanders and 2 Alexises
  • Emily (3) and 2 Emmas
  • Eric (4)
  • Caitlin (1), but there’s a Kaitlin, a Katelyn, a Kaitlyn, a Katie and a Katrina
  • Kathryn (2) and a Katherine

Any which way you add it up, it all equals one amazing Fall Festival at Cox Farms! Here’s one last numerical fact for you…10 more days until Preview Weekend, September 21st and 22nd!  Hope to see you there!

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