See How Easy it is to Decorate Eggs in a Unique Way

The Corner Market opens in 7 days!  That’s the good news. The bad news is that we won’t have an Easter Egg Hunt this year.  So… to get into the spirit of the season, we thought we’d share some fun and easy egg decorating ideas! If you want to “level up”  those humdrum eggs that you make every year,  save that idea you saw about “squeezing the juice out of fresh beets and coloring your eggs naturally” for next Easter.  These tips will give you a new twist on your same old-same old dyed eggs!

*Use Brown Eggs!  Even if you go with “old school” dyeing kits, brown eggs will surprise you with a different and spectacular tint using the basic colors.

*Use Craft Items You Have!  Markers, temporary tattoos, stamps, ribbon, or stickers will jazz up your traditional eggs.

*Glitter!  Just brush on craft glue and roll your eggs in glitter!

*Decoupage!  Anyone can do it! Cut out a picture from a magazine or seed catalog. Brush the water-based decoupage glue (Modge Podge) on the egg, slap the picture on the egg then brush over the picture with the same decoupage glue. Let it dry. Done!

*Splatter!  Make your dentist happy and replace your toothbrush but before you do, dip it in some acrylic paint and run your fingers over the bristles, aiming at your egg, of course – just don’t forget to put newspaper down underneath!


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