Meet Chewie the Llama’s Biggest Fan!

IMG_4814In Llama Land, or the “Chewniverse” as we call it at Cox Farms, we are very much aware of the fact that Chewie, our guardian of the goats, has a huge fan base.  They like to call themselves “Chewleaders” and there are many.  Some observe Chewie daily from afar and some Chewleaders come to the farm and watch him more closely.  Today, we interviewed Tayler from Centreville, who just may be the Captain of the Chewleaders!

Q:  When did you see Chewie for the first time?

A:  It was last spring and he reminded me of an angsty teenager, awkward and adorable at the same time.

Q:  Did you know it was a llama?  I ask because many people confuse him with an alpaca or sometimes a camel!

A:  I knew he was a llama.  I’ve liked llamas since I saw “The Emperor’s New Groove”, even though it was animated!

Q:  Can you name one of Chewie’s features that you like the best?

A:  His stubby legs and the way he flails them around when he lays on his back to scratch an itch.

Q:  Give me three adjectives to describe him, please.

A:  Spastic, opinionated, and awkward.

Q:  Opinionated? Why?

A:  Because he knows what he wants and who he likes.  He has no patience for anything else.

Q:  Would you call this a healthy obsession?

A:  Maybe.  He is the screensaver on our computer, my mom searched for as many stuffed llamas as she could find for me for Christmas last year.  He is my sunshine, my happy place!

Thank you, Tayler!  I call Cox Farms my happy place, too! Are you a Chewleader in the Chewniverse?  Please send us your Chewie photos and/or the reasons why you love Chewie! IMG_4809

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