Meet Jenny, diligent plant-waterer and enthusiastic donut cook! She’s a ray of sunshine, and there’s nothing she can’t or won’t do. Bubbly and outgoing, she’ll help make your visit to the Fall Festival spectacular!IMG_2741Q: How many Fall Festivals have you worked?

A: 2016 will be my 4th. I’ve also worked a few winter, spring and summer seasons.

Q: Why did you decide to work at Cox Farms?

A: One of my sons had worked here and I had brought my kids here for years. It’s close to ¬†home, outside, flexible hours and a great job for a mom!

Q: Favorite things at the Fall Festival?

A: The kids, the animals and the food-especially the Rueben Dog!

Q: Hometown?

A: Springfield, Virginia

Q: Family?

A: I have 5 kids and I’ve been married for 25 years.

Q: Any hidden talents?

A: You should hear me do bird calls!

Q: Do you have pets at home?

A: Dachshunds, lizards, and ducks. We had one duckling named Winston and he was very attached to us. When we released him and his siblings into a pond near to our house, Winston kept coming back. So sweet.

Q: Do you have any fears or phobias?

A: Any body of water that I can’t see through to the bottom! And spiders.

Q: Favorite Fall Festival memory?

A: Making the very first apple cider donuts at Cox Farms with co-worker Jeremy!

We love you, Jenny! Don’t forget- our first Employment Open House is July 24th from 1-3. Details:¬†Working at Cox Farms. Hope to see you there!


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