“Help! I’m In The Weeds!”

IMG_6141If April showers bring May flowers, what do June showers bring? If you ask me, June showers bring WEEDS!  We have had several inches of rain in the DC area just this week, and my yard and garden beds look like a rainforest.  Weeds of every shape and size.  It is out of control and although I enjoy planting and even spreading mulch, weeding is torturous.  With that in mind, here are a few ideas to make it slightly more manageable…

  • The time is now!  Right after it rains, the ground is softer and the weeds can be pulled out with ease. When it comes to weeding, you need to get to “the root of the problem”.  
  • If it seems overwhelming, give yourself a time limit.  For instance, I have vowed to spend 45 minutes today pulling our weeds.  That’s it.  Any more than that and I will lose my mind and something else will go by the wayside (laundry, the dishes, visiting with cute lambs, etc.).  The weeds will still be there tomorrow.  
  • If you want to avoid the manual labor and the dirt, but you don’t want to douse your yard with chemicals, there are many home remedies out there.  White vinegar is one of them. It does work, but the acidity level of pickling vinegar is higher and I’ve seen this recipe work.  Let us know if it works for you.
  • Every late spring between the ajuga, the pachysandra, and the phlox, there are other plants that appear and I wishfully think, “Hmmm?  Did I plant this?  It looks like it could be ________?”  It’s called weed denial!  Here is a link to a guide of the most common weeds. After you look at the pictures, you will swear that you have bought them before and you have! We sometimes carry ornamental Oxalis, and grocery stores sell it for St. Patrick’s Day!oxalis

If you’re still stuck in the weeds, remember this: George Washington Carver once said, “A weed is a flower growing in the wrong place.” Instead of raging against the weed machine in your yard, sometimes it is okay to just let your misplaced wildflowers have their day. After all, they’ll still be there waiting for you tomorrow.

What’s your weeding secret?

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