DIY Combination Planters, Part 2

Last week, we walked you through the creation process of making your own combination planters, today in Part 2, we’ll tell you how to take care of it!

Combo Pot Maintenance

It can be challenging to keep your combination planter looking as perfect as it did at the start of the season. Whether you purchased a pre-assembled combination planter or put together your own DIY combo pot, here are some tips to keep your container garden looking its best:

1.      Water, but not too much!Watering-can-green

Container gardens dry out much faster than in-ground plantings. Check your pots daily and water as needed. Plastic pots retain moisture better than clay pots do. Remember, you can “kill them with kindness” by over watering  so don’t go overboard!

2.      Fertilize!

To keep those flowers blooming and growing, remember to fertilize! You’ll be one step ahead if you used fertilizer-enhanced, time-release potting mix (like Miracle Gro) when you planted, but even then, you’re not covered forever! Time-release fertilizer fades by mid-season, and by design, it is less concentrated, so you may find it necessary to supplement.

3.      Deadhead!deadheading1

Deadheading is not necessary for all plants, but many flowering specimens benefit from it. Deadheading is simply removing the spent blooms (including the stem) from your plant, so it can continue to produce new blooms. An added benefit: deadheading instantly makes your garden look better!


4.      Haircut!

Just like a shaggy llama, sometimes your combo pot will need a haircut. When we talk about cutting back your combo or basket in this way, we’re not talking about deadheading. Mid-season, when the stress of the summer heat begins to take a visible toll on your combo, do your planter a favor by giving it a trim. You’ll be able to see the weight being lifted as your combo is transformed back into a smaller and sportier version of itself.

5.      Welcome Change!combo pot

The truth is, your combo pot CAN’T stay the same as the day you bought/planted it, because it is made up of living things that continue to grow over the course of the season. With that in mind, try to “go with the flow” and accept that your combo pot will evolve over the season.

If you need more inspiration, check out our Container Combos board on Pinterest!

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