Chewie: Guard Llama or Psycho Killer?


Some observers have expressed concern about Chewie’s recent behavior; he appears to have a severe case of spring fever. In case you haven’t witnessed an episode of his new favorite game, you can check it out in this video: Chewie: “Psycho Killer”

In theory, the llama is supposed to act as a “guard llama” (the idea is that since llamas and goats are both herd animals, a single herd animal in with a herd of a different species will adopt the herd as his own). Indeed, Chewie is very protective of his goats, particularly the babies. However, the side effect of this herd mentality is that he seems to think he is a goat, so he tries to play with them the way the goats play with each other… jumping, chasing, bouncing around like a lunatic.

Usually he stays close to the goats and they seem happy to have him, but when he starts the herding/chasing/jumping thing, they all run away from him, which seems to feed into his game. To add to it, he does this weird thing with his neck, stretching it out so he gets his head really close to the goats (or the ground), which combined with the very odd running/jumping makes the whole thing look very strange.

The good news is that the goats appear to have relatively mild feelings about Chewie’s game… they certainly aren’t scared of him or avoiding him except when he is actually chasing them. Even then, at least some of the (younger) goats are actually playing with him, in that they approach him and bump him on the leg with their heads to get him to start playing.

So, next time you pass by and notice Chewie romping around, don’t worry…he’s just a big kid at heart. Have you witnessed any of Chewie’s antics?

One thought on “Chewie: Guard Llama or Psycho Killer?

  1. Oh WoW! That certainly explains a lot; what a great Llama! He is very cute and fun to watch as we zip past. What a character!