Celebrating Earth Day in a Green Way

In celebration of our planet and because the timing is just right, today we honor the hosta! Very well know to anyone with a shady yard, this perennial is a gift that keeps on giving!  So why not pay it forward?  It’s the perfect Earth Day gift!

When we moved into our house years ago, and I knew very little about anything, we were lucky enough to have bought the house from people who knew what plants would work in a shady backyard.  On the side of the house there were 5 large and lush hostas.  Today, there are 31 in my yard and more than a dozen in my sister’s yard and it didn’t cost me a cent!  What’s the secret?  Propagation, otherwise know as splitting or dividing.

It’s very easy to do, I promise and the time is now, before the plant it too far out of the ground.  Just dig up a section, or the whole plant, with a shovel, and gently remove with the roots intact.  An entire plant can be split into 4 new plants (more or less depending on the size).  This year, I wrapped them with some baker’s twine, and off they went to a new home!  You can also gift them to another spot in your own yard, don’t worry, we won’t judge you!  Here are a few photos of the process:


If you aren’t gifted one on this Earth Day, come on down to the Corner Market and check out our selection!


Happy Earth Day, everyone!


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