Celebrating Cox Farms’ 40th Anniversary, at the 2012 Fall Festival

Cox Farms is celebrating 40 years of business this year. Throughout the Fall Festival season, we’ve had a wonderful time seeing friends, families, and neighbors – both old and new. We’ve also taken time to reflect on how far we’ve come. From small produce markets in Herndon, VA, to today’s Fall Festival – what a journey it has been! We wouldn’t be here today without the families throughout the DC area making the journey – and we thank everyone for the support! We welcome you to read all about our story, and how we got here.
We accomplished a lot in 2012. The highlights include new additions to our Hayride, a newly built Mining Sluice, a new “Bunnyville” home for bunnies in the animal barn, and a new website that makes it easier for folks to plan Fall Festival visits and get tickets.

A 1985 ad for summer produce, shortly after Cox Farms moved to Centreville, VA

Through it all, we strive to keep that “Cox Farms” feel. This year, we shared some of our old artwork from throughout the last 40 years. To this day, we continue to paint most things by hand on the farm. We truly love to get our hands dirty! We also continue to add more fun for everyone – like our Fields of Fear nights, which are nearing the end of their fourth year. Anyone who started to feel “too big” for the Fall Festival now knows where to go! But, can you really be too big for the Fall Festival? We think . . . no!

Early this season, we enjoyed hosting our “2012 Art and Photo Contest” on Facebook. Aileen Mayo won the grand prize. Mr. Cox had a fantastic time with the Mayo family and took them on a private family hayride. They left with a huge basket of tasty treats from the Festival Market, 40th anniversary t-shirts, and huge smiles!

Cox Farms 2012 Art and Photo Contest Winners, the Aileen Mayo family

Fall is always a season for celebration, a time for friends and families to come together and enjoy special traditions, venture outside, and take notice of all we have to be thankful for. All of us at Cox Farms thank you for being a part of our local tradition. . . for generations! We hope to see you soon, whether it’s on the far side of the pond or down at the Corner Market for Christmas. Happy fall, everyone!

Final weekends for 2012:

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