Behind the Scenes With Cooper, a Fields of Fear “Master of Fright”

-By Paige Long, a Cox Farms Farmhand

What position do you hold at Fields of Fear?
I am an actor in the Cornightmare.
I am usually in a ghillie suit,
but I was a gargoyle this weekend.

Cooper gets into character at Fields of Fear.

What is it like to work in your position?
Oh, it’s so much fun to work in my position because I have a character with a false sense of security, meaning people don’t think I’m real, and when I jump out at them, it scares them like crazy!

What motivated you to apply to work at Cox Farms’ Fields of Fear?
For starters, I love acting, and acting at a place where I get paid to scare people?  Ha, sign me up!

What has been your best memory of working at Fields of Fear so far?
My best memory had to be when I was in my costume and I saw two people from my school.  Since my school is far away, I didn’t plan on seeing very many people I knew.  They were actually really good friends and seeing them here made me very happy!

What is your favorite part about working at Fields of Fear?
I might be selfish by saying this, but my favorite part is definitely the free food we get for working there, and the pizza we’re fed for dinner beforehand!

You were declared Best Cornundrum Scare of the Night this past Friday.  What are you doing to celebrate (Cooper was rewarded with a few extra bucks)?
My bonus went straight to my savings!  I’m hoping to save up to buy a motorcycle after I’m licensed.

There you have it!  Keep your eyes peeled for Cooper and remember: you’ll never know where he’ll be in the Cornightmare.

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