Behind the Scenes With Connor, A Fields of Fear Scaretician

-By Paige Long, a Cox Farms Farmhand

What position do you hold at Fields of Fear?
I am a proud part of the Cornightmare acting team!

What is it like to work in your position?
It’s nice to work in my position. . . I come out from my hiding spot, make my approach, and yell as loud as I can.

What motivated you to apply to work at Cox Farms’ Fields of Fear?
I had nothing to do over the fall season, and I wanted an activity where I’d have some fun.

What has been your best memory of working at Fields of Fear so far?
I once made a grown man scream higher than I could ever imagine.  That’s a memory that always sticks out in my mind! 

Connor – a 2012 Fields of Fear Scaretician

What is your favorite part about working at Fields of Fear?
My favorite part of work is the great people I am privileged to work with! And getting paid is a bonus!

You were recently declared Best Cornundrum Scare of the Night.  What are you doing to celebrate (Connor was rewarded with a few extra bucks)?
My bonus has gone nowhere as of right now.  My pocket is and will be its home, at least until I figure out what I’d like to do with it!

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