Behind The Scenes 2013: Dino-Slide Renovation!

din5Our biggest and baddest slide has undergone a major transformation for the upcoming 2013 Fall Festival and we are beaming with excitement!

With Preview Weekend just a month away, we thought we would give you a sneak peak of the Dino-Slide renovation!


The first thing you’ll notice, at the entrance to the slide, is the brand new Dino-Tunnel, complete with fossil walls and a prehistoric visitor!dino3

IMG_9611As you grab your sack and head up to the top of the slide, take a look at the newly painted, all blue lanes.


However, that’s not your typical handyman’s paint job, that’s the mack daddy of super special slide paint! Specifically created for water park slides, the new slide paint will not only keep the slide moving fast, it will also lessen the need for waxing breaks.  That means that more lanes are moving faster throughout the day, which means – and here’s the best part – faster moving lines!  It’s a user-friendly slide!

“That’s all fine and dandy”, we hear you saying, “but where’s the proof?”  Well, we brought in a few consultants from our Fun Department to test it out.  Take a look at their faces.  We’re just sayin’…

IMG_9557 IMG_9511 IMG_9539 IMG_9533IMG_9524 IMG_9605 IMG_9592

The smiles of approval!

For all the Fall Festival scoop, just click on the link:


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