Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

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 Looks like the groundhog was right.  It’s now March and the end of this winter is nowhere in sight. So…since some of the most frequently asked questions we receive are related to our animals and, more specifically, animal care/welfare, we thought this would be a good time to let you know how our beloved, four legged friends fare during these frigid temperatures.


First of all, our animals are more comfortable in cold weather than in our steamy Virginia summers, given that they are generally indigenous to countries with colder climates.  Think about it this way: llamas, sheep, alpacas and angora goats all have coat made of fibers that are used to keep US warm in winter.  In fact, one of our Co-Farmers in Chief, Lucas Cox, has those fibers from the spring shearing sessions spun into wool for his wife, who then knits them into beautiful creations.


Even the goat herd in the goat village grows an undercoat of cashmere that makes them all look adorably pudgy!


All of the animals have enclosures or 3 sided shelters to protect them from wind and rain, and they are given water and fed daily (a little more feed in the winter than in the warmer months).  Don’t we all tend to put on a couple extra pounds in the winter?  As for the “free range” animals, the peacocks and guinea fowl, they can make their way into one of our greenhouses for a little extra warmth.

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We are counting down the days until spring has sprung.  In the meantime, stay warm and we look forward to seeing you in the spring!


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