An Interview With a Lamb Dad

IMG_6280Father’s Day is just a day away and I think it’s important to acknowledge and honor all types of dads.  Surrogate dads, father figures, etc., one may even qualify for the moniker of…”Lamb Dad”!  Such is the case of Lucas Cox, Co-Farmer-in-Chief here at Cox Farms.   Unlike his sister, Aaron (the other Co-Farmer-in-Chief), who definitely is a goat person, Lucas leans toward the more exotic, wooly animals.  Chewie, the llama, Ivan and Hamlet, the angora goats and Equinox and Quincy, the alpacas, are all Lucas’s “kids”.  The newest members to Cox Farms are two precious lambs that were born in mid-May.  They’re the offspring of two of Lucas’s Bluefaced Leicester sheep, pronounced blue-faced Less-ter, just to keep you in-the-know.  Yesterday, I spent some time with Lucas and the sheep and lambs and let me just say, they are easy to love!

Q:  Let’s be honest, it’s no secret that we all thought these were odd looking sheep!  Why this breed of sheep?

A:  Come on, they’re cute now, right?  It’s all in the eye of the beholder.  Some people may not think I’m cute, either.  Their wool is great.  That’s what this breed is known for, their long wool and blue/purple pigmented skin underneath the wool.

Q:  I’ll give you this – those babies are adorable.  What’s up with the wool thing?  You don’t strike me as a knitter.

A:  My wife is the knitter in the family.  You know, Chewie has won awards for his fiber.  It’s amazing stuff.

Q:  Back to those lambs-they’re a month old, but last time I checked, you hadn’t chosen names for them.  Any decision?

A:  Yeah,  I wanted to stick with the theme that was started with the three adult sheep,  named Pilsner, Smuttynose and Porter.  Staying on that path, The little female lamb’s name will be India and the boy is Stout.

Q:  So, who’s the favorite?

A:  Come on, I can’t pick a favorite!  You love ’em all the same, right?

Spoken like a true dad, even if the babies are all four legged.IMG_6272

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