IMG_1313…and where we stop, nobody knows for sure, but we’re getting the hang of it!

Corner Market 2012 Taste of SummerIt all began in April 2015 – a roundabout was to be constructed at the corner of Braddock Road and Pleasant Valley Road, the heart and soul intersection in front of the Corner Market at Cox Farms. The roundabout would take the place of the 4-way stop sign that had existed for years and would, hopefully, relieve the traffic backups that have frustrated drivers for years.

To get a better idea of what this meant on the Cox Farms side of the road, I sat down with farm resident and manager Sam Fairl.

The first challenge was preparing for Christmas at the Corner Market 2015. There was little downtime between the end of the Fall Festival and the Christmas season. The tree lot would be much smaller due to the construction and every aspect had to be reconsidered or reworked.  Water and electricity, for example, would lead to the digging of 300 feet of trench to get us up and running.

The most challenging moment, according to Sam, happened a few days before the Christmas season. Our main water pipe was broken during construction and Sam and his crew had 20 minutes to repair the pipe or it would be encased in cement!

The next most challenging moment was this: MOVING DAY!


Moving this barn a bit west from its original location was a daunting task. According to Sam, a former Cox Farmer by the name of Matt Gibbons built this barn at the corner and had the forethought to make it in such a way that is was somewhat move-friendly. It’s all about sustainability! Construction contractors aided with the move using an excavator, a crane, chains and hooks.  It was nerve-wracking for all involved. After the relocation was successful, how did Sam celebrate? “With a burrito and some Chunky Monkey ice cream.”

Now that the barn is settled on solid ground, it’s time to get ready for spring. I asked Sam for his opinion on the traffic flow and he had a very positive outlook.  “It’s already working, the traffic issue will be better.” Woo hoo!

IMG_1317There is still plenty of work to do but come Thursday, April 21st, the Corner Market will be opening for spring with all your favorite things – plants, herbs, veggies, hanging baskets and combo pots galore!